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Brands That Trust Us

Brands That Trust Us

Why Choose Our Custom Socks?

Fully Customized Socks

When you visit a website promoting custom socks, you expect to have a say about what your socks will look like. But the level of customization offered by Custom Socks Now will astonish even the most discerning sock enthusiasts. With our customized socks, it’s not a matter of what you can customize but what you can’t. Let us give you a hint – there’s almost no such thing!

You can choose the style of the sock, its height, size, and thickness, and virtually every design detail, from the logo’s position to the toe color. Creative sock lovers will have a field day designing their perfect custom socks!

High-Quality Every Step of the Way

Socks can have the prettiest designs and most eye-catching colors, but it’s all for nothing if they fade or come apart after just a few wears. At Custom Socks Now, high quality and craftsmanship are our top priorities. You can take our word for it, or you can test it out for yourself (there’s no minimum order quantity!). Either way, the result will be the same – your custom logo socks will stand the test of time. All thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and premium materials.

Stellar Customer Service

Buying products online isn’t just about the products themselves. It’s also about the ordering process. If you have trouble navigating the website, communicating your wishes, or tracking your order, no pair of cute custom socks will ease your frustration. That’s why the word “frustration” isn’t even part of our vocabulary! At Custom Socks Now, we have dedicated professionals working around the clock to answer all your inquiries and help you every step of the way. With such a supportive team, your online shopping experience will be seamless, and satisfaction will be guaranteed.

How Does It Work?

Going from plain-old monochromatic socks to ultra-customized socks with Custom Socks Now is a fun and straightforward process. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Select your desired sock style.
  • Go into the specifics (height, size, fabrication, and thickness).
  • Select your packaging preference.
  • Customize your sock design by uploading your artwork and choosing where it goes.
  • Decide what color each part of your custom socks will be.
  • Choose your guaranteed delivery date.
  • Finalize your order by providing delivery and payment information.


Unfortunately, no. At least for now.

Though we offer an impressive number of templates for various products, custom socks haven’t made the cut. But the reason is quite simple – with how detailed and concise the customization options are during ordering, you won’t even need a template. Of course, if you’re struggling, you can always get help from our extraordinary design team.
At Custom Socks Now, we pride ourselves on the quality of the materials and prints used for our custom picture socks. But even the highest quality socks don’t stand a chance when handled improperly. To ensure you get to look at our customized socks in all their glory for a long time to come, make sure to use the right temperature when washing them.
You absolutely do!

After you upload or send your artwork, we’ll design a mockup of your custom socks and send it to you via email. We won’t start production until we get the green light from you regarding this design.
You can choose how your customized socks will be packaged. Go for a poly bag or backer card for a more traditional approach, or jazz it up a bit with a box or hangtag with a hanger.
You can choose up to five imprint colors for your custom socks with logo. This is done to ensure the final print is vivid and crisp. However, you can also choose the color of the entire sock and its toe and heel area, so you definitely won’t be missing any colors on your custom socks.

The exact number of choices will depend on your desired sock height, but you’ll always have multiple sock sizes to choose from. This allows you to equip every family member, customer, or employee with custom socks, from babies to adults.
In general, our production process takes three to five business days. But bulk production can often play by different rules. After all, orders of 100 and 10,000 custom socks are worlds apart. But there’s no need for any guesswork. Email our sales representatives at sales@customsocksnow.com with all the details, and you’ll know exactly what to expect, both in terms of production and pricing.
The better question would be, “What colors aren’t offered?” At Custom Socks Now, you can choose between over 50 colors for all our sock types, from custom dress socks to custom knitted socks. Best of all? These color choices also apply to the toes and heels of most of our socks, so the color combos are virtually endless. Thanks to the many hues available for a single color, you can even do a monochromatic masterpiece (e.g., a hot pink, ice pink, and light pink combo).

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This is what some of our clients think about our products

These custom socks make for a memorable and personalized gift. I surprised my boyfriend and his basketball team members with these socks featuring their group name, and they were thrilled. The quality is exceptional. - Beulah Nehring
The customer service for my custom socks was top-notch. The team was friendly, efficient, and genuinely committed to ensuring my satisfaction. They promptly answered my questions and provided guidance every step of the way. I highly appreciate their dedication and the quality of their service. - Audrie Cleaves
As an outdoor enthusiast, I designed custom socks with nature-inspired patterns. Now, even when I'm stuck indoors, I can still feel connected to the great outdoors. These socks bring a sense of adventure and serenity to my everyday life. - Ardelia Shepler
This custom sock was such a fun and lighthearted gift that always brings a smile to their face. The socks have become a symbol of our unique bond and shared humor. - Nu Bolick

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